Kwik Cash / Overdraft Protection

Kwik Cash Line of Credit is a versatile, personal line of credit that is available when you need it. It is a convenient way to access cash for:

  • holiday shopping,
  • back-to-school shopping,
  • car repairs,
  • home repairs,
  • unexpected bills,
  • last minute travel, and more!

Once approved, you can access money by phone, stop in, or transfer online through NetBranch to your savings or checking account when you need it. Your cash is ready when you are.

Overdraft Protection for your peace of mind.

Valley Communities Credit Union offers you peace of mind when it comes to your checking account. We provide overdraft protection from your savings account and Kwik Cash. Save money and avoid costly return fees with these options.

Overdraft protection from your savings account allows VCCU to transfer funds from your savings account to your checking account in the event your checking account is overdrawn for a small transfer fee of $5.00. No sign-up is needed.

Overdraft protection Kwik Cash is a loan that provides you overdraft protection up to a pre-approved specified amount on your VCCU checking account. Overdraft protection Kwik Cash can help you avoid costly return fees and the embarrassment of an overdrawn account.

Make payments via:

  • direct deposit
  • payroll deduction
  • automatic transfer from your savings, or checking account
  • NetBranch (home banking)

For additional details please contact one of our member service representatives.