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Your days of licking stamps and stuffing envelopes are over. With our electronic transactions, you can have paychecks directly deposited, make automatic loan payments, set up recurring automatic transfers, and more. Besides helping out the environment, you’re also helping yourself save more and pay off loans faster.

Explore our options for electronic transactions below, and start banking easier today!

Direct Deposit

Have all or part of your check deposited to your account balance every month, automatically. You can even designate a certain percentage of funds to go to your savings, IRA, or even loans. Direct deposit is fast, easy, and you’ll often receive funds faster than with a paper check.

Automated Transactions & Transfers

We offer Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions to help you make payments and deposits directly from your checking or savings account. ACH can be used to automate almost any payment, including online purchases. Deposits of Social Security benefits, payroll, and IRS tax refunds can also be automated. We also offer account-to-account transfers (A2A) between two VCCU accounts or an account from another institution.

Savings & Loan Transactions

Set up automatic savings transfers or loan payments — all online. This ensures you reach your savings goals on time, and never miss a loan payment. 

Need help setting up one of these convenient services? Give us a shout — we’d be happy to help.